The $25.00 Miracle Project



  Be Somebody's


      & Bless Yourself

 In The Process




Following these instructions will get you stunning result's!!


                            This system has two main goals:

1. Creates massive income within a short amount of time.

2. Creates an enormous list of proven PayPal buyers to network with for any reason.

Follow these simple  Procedures:

You get a list of 5 PayPal Email addresses listed from 1 to 5 .

Step 1. You pay $25 to EACH email in the list #1 to #5 - sending  a total of five different paypal emails

Step 2. You remove the email at position #1 and move up the other 6 emails in order starting with #2 etc.
Step 3. You put your PayPal Email address in position #5 after all 5 emails have been paid $25 and you have removed the #1 position. 
Step 4. Now! send and share that New email info daily to reach many people. (you will see results). 
Step 5. Everytime someone join's you get paid $25.  Life Is Wonderful!!
After a period of time, you will be at position #1

Your PayPal Email address now at position #1, and have seen by  thousands of people  - from the work of all who joins!!!!  Brilliant . . .

While you receive a steady stream of income!!!!!

This system is Global, anyone can participate in The $25 Miracle Project!

To achieve this kind of Financial Success - here is what you need to get started Today.

1. An Email Address.
2. A PayPal Account.
(If you don't have a PayPal account go to it's free.) go to Send & Request
then enter the email address to pay one at a time!
***You must include the note*** "Please add me to your mailing list" to  make it all legal - (get assistance from paypal if needed).
3. A desire to win.
4. Send and share the email Ad daily ( In Addition - Spread the word and share).

Start Today! Otherwise, he or she will get ahead of you!!

The results are Amazing!!!

The Good Stuff!! The Details . . .

                               This is your current email list to pay $25.00

Step 1.                   #1.                             < Send $25 to this email >

                                        #2.                 < Send $25 to this email >

                                        #3.                                   <  Send $25 to this email >

                                        #4.                                   <  Send $25 to this email > 

                                        #5.                <  Send $25 to this email>

Step 2.      Now alter the list removing the email at position #1 & move other emails up!!

                  Should look like this:





                     #5.  Add your paypal email address here

Step 3.   Keep all the other text of the email the same -



               then send this new email and list and share daily etc.

               Promote and share - you'll see the money roll in!!!!!!


Don't cheat yourself and start at position #1 - you will not get the proper amount of exposure - by starting at the bottom allows your email address to circulate hundreds of thousands of times accumulating hundreds of thousands of$Dollars!!! (all earnings are estimates - you could earn more or less).

!!This is an opportunity of a life time & everyone benefits!!

Promote it to the world - This is a universal platform - so money form around the world!!

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